Daelim Daystar 125

Daelim Daystar 125
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Monday, April 19, 2010

600km and running strong

It has been a week and 600km after the repair. It is going well and very enjoyable to ride now.

In the morning, starting it is easy and it idle steadily straight away. It does not die at traffic light too.

Even though it was expensive, but I was glad, I made the decision to get it repaired.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On the road again

It took a week to complete the repairs. Change 4 valves, piston ring and a gasket set. Engine oil and oil filter to.

Now, the engine is more stable. It does not died at the traffic light. Phewww... nice.

Performance also a little better. Better torque. Easier climbing hilly roads.

Workmanship was quite okey. But I do not have many choice. That is the only mechanics whom is doing non-popular bikes like Daelim, NAZA, Momos, Demak and a few other European bikes. It is just a small shop but have got quite a good resouces (when it come to part and experties)

I am enjoying the Daelim Daystar now. No more difficulties during starting it in the morning. Climb the steep road to my son's school easily to.

I am planning to ride it to Kuantan in May.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Problem with the valves

The engine was not very smooth for quit a while. In the morning it will be very difficult to warm up. It will keep stalling. Only after 10-15 minutes will the engine become smooth. The fuel consumption also very high. Last Saturday I decided to bring it to the mechanic.

It turn out to be very bad. All valve shown sing of overheating. The piston was okey but I was advise to change the piston ring set and get the bore polished.

I agree with the proposal. So I had to leave the bike there because it was already 16:00hr in the afternoon.

I am hoping it will be ready by Monday.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Broken Oil Seal

From the look of the bike, I am pretty sure that the previous owner do not ride long distance. After a few years the total mileage was only at 23,oookm.

As soon as I get the bike, I started to ride it at almost 150km a day. I pushed the bike up to 100-120km/h. So, everthing on the bike were working at maximum capacity. After a few thousand kilometers, the oil seal for the front fork is broken. Oil spilled all over the fork and the front tire.

I send it to the mechanic a few days ago. They said it is going to take a week to get it done, I mean to replace the broken oil seal.

Well, I don't mind waiting... as long as it get properly replaced so that I can ride it again.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another 1000km

I have completed another 1000km on the Daystar. I already changed the engine oil. I changed it myself, to gain experience and save myself a few RM.

After 2000km, the bike is still good. I consistently riding it at 100-110km/h to my office and back. So far, everything is okey.

The ride is always very comfortable because the suspension is very soft. But during windy situation, you will get a bit of a wobble if a crosswind hit you. But no major problem actually.

But, my front fork (left) is leaking fork oil. I will have to send it for service soon. I wonder if parts will be available.

I will update after completing the exercise.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

After the first 1000km

Today, I have completed the first thousand km on the Daystar. It is not that I have to run-in the engine, I bought it second-hand remember, but I am observing it engine durability.

I often travel long distance. Usually a day ride with a distance arounf 300-700km. So, engine durability is very important.

Everytime I stop, I will listen to the engine. As of today, I found that it remain the same compared to when I first bring it home. After 1000km and it is still the same, just a little bit of clincking of valve of timing chain. This is good news. I am sure the engine is still in a very good working order eventhough it has been used for about 25,400km.

Other part of the bike are still in good condition. No loose screws. No oil leaking. No accessive vibration.

But the chain is a bit noisy. I may need to change the whole set soon.

I guest the bike is ready for a long trip. Soon, a day trip which could be as far as 600km.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fuel Consumption

1st round testing.

I fill her up until the neck of the fuel tank a few days ago. Just now I filled up again. The trip meter was showing 325km.

Just now I filled up RM20 (about 9 liters) but it did not reached the neck of the fuel tanks. I think it will need another 2 liters to filled up.

Let just say I used up 11 liters for a distance traveled about 325km. That makes the fuel consumption of about 29.5 km per liter. Not very economical for a 125cc engine.

But fair enough. The bike is heavy and I am pretty heavy myself.